Stonehaven Farm - Shetland Sheep & Wool
Registered breeding stock, Shetland wool: raw fleeces & ready-to-spin roving
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Stonehaven Farm is home to our flock of Shetland sheep, their guard llamas, and the Border Collies who help us every day. We are located in beautiful Pine Valley, which lies at the foot of the majestic Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon.

Over the years, we have consistently bred for the softest, most lustrous fleeces and and best conformation. Our foundation flock of Shetlands came from the Doanes of Maple Ridge Sheep Farm. But we have added sheep from other Dailley flocks, as well as Flett genetics from Ingrid Painter's Puddleduck flock.

Several years ago, we began an absolute reduction in the size of our flock, and as of 2017/18, we will no longer be breeding. Occasional sheep may still be available for purchase, and will be listed on our "Sheep for Sale" pages.

We will continue to offer only our loveliest Shetland fleeces to handspinners, and we try to have roving in all the Shetland colors for sale. We also sell Stonehaven Blankets made from the wool of our flock, and several types of Shetland yarn.

Please visit our contact page, e-mail or call us for information about our Shetland sheep, fleeces and wool products.

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