Shetland Fleeces from the Stonehaven flock
Revised 3/6/17
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We have reduced the numbers of sheep in our flock, but are shearing approximately 40 sheep each spring.

Busy with lambing, haying, irrigation and other summer farm chores, it is often late autumn or early winter before we have a large number of fleeces ready for sale.

During these months, we spend available time carefully cleaning each fleece, and skirting heavily, so that each one is as nearly chaff free as possible.

Please review our
"Spinners' Comments" page to learn about our fleeces.

We hope that you enjoy our Shearing Day video, featuring the Stonehaven sheep, the friends and neighbors who help us each year, and starring Clint Goodwin, who sheared our flock for many years.

Note: Many fleeces have been sold by reservation or request prior to you may do. Others who remain by chance (and are no less desirable) are listed below.

If you are drawn to a fleece that is listed as "sold", you may ask to reserve that sheep's next will be skirted and shipped to you as soon as possible.
Adult fleeces:
Photos accompanying the listings will show you the outside of the fleece; please read our comments for details about true fleece color!
UPDATED: 3/13/17
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DOUGAL (Grey wether) SOLD
4# 2oz
Staple length: 6" to 7"
A big (for a Shetland) lofty fleece with a lovely lustrous a wether, Dougie has little to do but grow wool and he does that admirably. His silver grey fleece has been heavily skirted and picked, and will be a dream to spin. $49
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Staple length: 3" to 5"
An exquisite fleece; shades of blue grey ranging from steely blue to light grey with vanilla tips on each lock. Super soft with broad crimp over most of the fleece; lovely luster. Many greasy tips which should wash up nicely, some trimmed. A bit greasy and "Eau de Ram" but this too is short-lived with a good wash. $32
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3# 4oz
Staple length: 4" to 5"
Soft and downy with uniform crimp. Emma's dense fleece is honey brown with a hint of grayish toning seen in the fawns; it shows some variation in depth of shade throughout and will give a lovely heathery yarn. Her fleece is clean with only scant bits of VM about the neck. $39
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Staple length: 4" to 5"
Exquisitely lustrous and soft with broad crimp throughout, Iris's fleece has a grey midline, with crystalline white locks elsewhere showing only an occasional dark fiber. Some trimmed tips at the neck. $26
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EVANGELINE (Spotted emsket ewe) SOLD
3# 1oz
Staple length: 5" to 6"
Evangelines's emsket fleece has developed myriad shades of grey, now from emket to medium to light grey....and of course has a few spots of white. Tips of locks vary from caramel to vanilla. Her wool is soft and lustrous with an exquisite hand. Scant VM at neck and top of rump, otherwise very clean. $39
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MARTE (Grey ewe) SOLD
1# 15oz
Staple length: 4" to 5"
Exquisite fine and heathery grey, Marte's fleece is ideal for a lace weight project, but we recommend hand processing...she was in mild rise at shearing (her fleece is slightly discounted for this). The occasional longer fibers can be removed for next to the skin softness. $25
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FLUTE CELESTE (Light moorit/rose mioget ewe) SOLD
1# 14oz
Staple length: 2" to 4"
Flute is a tiny ewe with a fascinating fleece...there is consideration color variation throughout the fleece, with some cinnamon locks, some nutmeg, and some tending toward a honey color. The hand is buttery soft and lustrous. Some greasy tips have been trimmed. Scant VM about neck. $26
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MUSETTE (Emsket ewe) SOLD
Staple length 5" to 7"
Musette's charcoal grey fleece has a soft and silky hand, and will spin up into a lovely tweedy yarn by virtue of each lock's caramel tips. Beautiful. $28
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PAVANE (moorit ewe) SOLD
2# 3oz
Staple length: 4" to 5"
Exquisitely soft silky hand. Pavane's fleece is indeed the reddish brown expected of her moorit genetics, but has a frosty quality (perhaps the brown-tone equivalent of shaela). Each lock is tipped with a caramel color. Pavane was near rise time at shearing and there is some extra grease at the cut line. Some greasy tips trimmed. $30
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VIOLE CONIQUE (shaela gulmoget ewe) SOLD
1# 15oz
Staple length: 3" to 5"
A small fleece from a dear little ewe, in beautiful range of colors from black to charcoal to shaela to many grey tones, all with vanilla tips. Conique's fleece is, as always, soft and silky with uniform crimp front to rear. There are some matted tips and she was in mild rise at the time of shearing; it may be best to hand process this lovely fleece....definitely worth any extra moments spend working with it. $27
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ACHILLES (grey wether) SOLD
3# 10oz
Staple length: 5" to 6"
Achilles is a spry old man now, but every year, he grows the most luscious fleece, and this one is no exception. It has a broad uniform crimp and is nearly white throughout, although the midline preserves his grey coloring. His fleece does have some greasy tips, but most have been trimmed at skirting, and the remainder will open nicely at washing. Achilles' soft, silken hand has made his fleece a favorite year after year. $39
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SHANDY (light moorit/fawn wether) SOLD
3# 6oz
Staple length: 4" to 6"
Shandy was wethered because his horns were curling too close to his face, but we wish that he had been able to pass his fleece genetics on as a ram. His color has always been a puzzle, varying from cocoa to nutmeg to honey brown over various areas of the fleece (and each lock is tipped with vanilla). His exquisite fleece has a soft silky hand with luster and a broad crimp throughout. $44
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3# 2oz
Staple length: 4" to 5"
Galileo has been the father of some of our loveliest lambs and passes on his all his wonderful fleece qualities. His honey-gold fleece is fine and soft and crimpy, and will make a lovely lofty yarn. It is however a bit "perfumed" (as would be expected), but that won't survive a good hot wash. $39
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FAITH (light grey ewe) SOLD
2# 4oz
Staple length: 4" to 5"
Faith's fleece is silky soft and very lustrous....light grey at the midline, but elsewhere nearly white with occasional darker fibers. It has some greasy tips which should open up nicely at washing, many trimmed at the neck. $32

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SPRITE (shaela ewe) SOLD
2# 10oz
Staple length: 5" to 7"
Sprite's fleece varies from a frosty black to an iridescent charcoal with honey colored tips. Exquisitely soft with a very silky hand, her fleece always spins up into a yarn with amazing luster. This otherwise stunning fleece unfortunately has some matted tips, partially trimmed at skirting...but some further "disassembly" required. Discounted to $29

Should you purchase a fleece which, for some reason, does not meet your expectations, we will be happy to return your money, or to replace it with another fleece of your choice. But we have never had a fleece returned to us! See our "Spinners' Comments" page.