Lamb Fleeces:
Revised 3/6/17
The lamb fleeces listed below are currently available.
Three lamb fleeces for the 2017 shearing may be reserved...
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GLORY (moorit ewe) SOLD
2# 5oz
Staple: 6" to 7"
Glory was a little terror as a lamb (and earned the name of Minx), but now she has grown into a nearly demur young lady worthy of her formal name. Her glowing chocolatey brown fleece is soft and downy with a lovely hand. Each lock is tipped with a caramel color, and so her fleece will give a beautiful heathery yarn. Occ. matted tips have been trimmed. $37

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MIRAGE (black ewe) SOLD
2# 3oz
Staple: 7" to 9"
An amazing long and very black fleece from this lovely little one...the tips are mahogany though, which should make for very interesting yarn. The hand is silken and very soft as would be expected from her lineage. Very clean with only an occasional chaffy bit, mainly at the neck. $39

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PANDORA (black ewe) SOLD
2# 11oz
Staple: 5" to 6"
Pandora is living up to her name. Although she is black, the frosty shimmer that is seen in her fleece suggests that she will turn shaela has her mother has. Each lock is tipped with mahogany, and she has inherited her parent's soft silky hand...all in all a lovely lamb fleece. $43